Creating Health for Your Patients and Your Pratice

When you chose health care as a profession, did you see yourself empowering your patients to be healthy? What did you envision for your own health and well-being? If the current medical environment is challenging your health and purpose, Take Shape For Life® can bring those back to you while empowering your patients to create healthier lives.

The obesity epidemic is challenging the capabilities of our health care system and increasingly corporatizing and bureaucratizing the practice of medicine and health care. As health care providers lose their autonomy while working harder and longer hours to make ends meet, our patients are getting bigger and sicker. Take Shape for Life® is an opportunity for you to transform your practice and to create more autonomy and potential revenue, free from the constraints of managed care and ICD-10.

You can help your patients while potentially building a powerful source of revenue within your practice—one based on life-changing, therapeutic intervention that facilitates lasting wellness. Take Shape for Life® is a comprehensive, sustainable program designed for providers who want to do more for themselves and their patients.

Hear from like-minded physicians who are ready to make change by creating health instead of only reacting to disease and treating illness.

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*Results will vary with effort. Take Shape For Life® believes that a Health Coach’s results will vary depending on his/her personal efforts and business structure.Take Shape For Life® does not guarantee any particular income level will be achieved. See Income Disclosure statement and Integrated Compensation Plan for complete details.